Your New Go-To Everyday Shoe For The Spring & Summer

A girl’s closet is never fully complete until her shoes begin to overflow and prevent the closet door from closing all the way. Shoes are a fashion addiction that any true fashionista has succumbed to. What makes shoes so desirable is their versatility and ability to change up any outfit. The right pair of shoes always depends on the occasion at hand. A pair of formal shoes that you would wear to a wedding wouldn’t be the same pair of shoes you’d find yourself grocery shopping in (unless that’s your thing – no judgment!).

Since we must change our shoes for every sort of occasion, an overfilled closet can be easily overlooked. With the spring weather here, finding the perfect everyday shoe is of the utmost importance. Sneakers are usually our personal favorites, as they are easy to walk in and keep your feet warm when the temperatures begin to drop during the evening. One of our current obsessions is the ASOS Day Trip Suede Flatform Sneakers. These gorgeous blue sneakers are the perfect lazy day shoes that will complement just about any look that you pull together. The sneakers feature a suede material, lace-up fastening, padded and shaped cuff, chunky platform sole, and textured tread.

These nifty sneakers will easily become your go-to shoes. Finally, if you’re looking to pinch some pennies then look no further as these sneakers only ring in at $36. Be prepared to fall in love with your new suede beauties as you walk around town in these babies!


  1. Alayna Robison says:

    Okay I WANT

  2. alisa says:

    these are really cute

  3. lisa marcus says:

    Absolutely love these <3333

  4. emma lewinski says:


  5. Britney Bates says:

    Fresh 🙂

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