The Only Top You Need For This Holiday Party Season

How many of us have already managed to be invited about a hundred times to various different holiday parties? This month is going to be filled with a full social calendar. While many of us don’t mind the aspect of socializing in theory, it can be quite frustrating to find outfits to wear to all of these events. Not to mention, in order to avoid outfit repeating, our wallets can begin to feel lighter immediately. If you’re stuck in this very predicament, then we’ve discovered a fabulous and money-saving solution for you! The Zara Fringed Halter Top is the perfect top to pair up with any look.

This beautiful black top features a halter neck design and a gorgeous display of fringe detailing along the hem of the top. This top is perfect for the holiday season for its sheer versatility, as you can pair it up with just about anything. Wear the top with a funky pair of black bell-bottom jeans for a ‘blast from the past’ type look, or throw on a mini skirt for a super chic and playful outfit. However you choose to rock this gorgeous top, you’ll be sure to receive a slew of compliments! You can purchase the top from Zara’s online shop for $49.90, making it a super affordable option for this holiday season!

So don’t run out of outfit ideas right before your next big event! Invest in this gorgeous top and create a bunch of different looks from just one piece.


  1. Akiko Lam says:

    i love how chic and classy this top is 🙂

  2. alisha says:

    totally just ordered this top!! it’s too cute to pass up

  3. Eilene Barker says:

    loveeeeee this
    i can think of so many good outfit ideas for it

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