The One Summer Accessory You’ll Find Yourself Using Non-Stop

In the fashion world, one of the most underrated accessory pieces happens to be the backpack. Unlike the backpacks of our elementary schools days, these newer and updated versions of our old school favorite make them the perfect accessory piece. While purses can either be want too clunky and way too small to store all of our daily essentials, backpacks personify the perfect solution for our problem. Not only are they perfect for storage, but also these days, backpacks can add a whole new layer to your outfit or style. With the perfect backpack you can instantly elevate your style.

This week, we stumbled across this super boho chic backpack available at Mango. This Mango Front Pocket Backpack is an extremely cute bag that is great for the summertime. Store water bottles, a change of clothes, beach gear, and any other summer essentials that you may need throughout the day. The bag is made from a cotton-blend fabric and features a double strap, short strap, inner pocket, outer pocket, contrasting panels, and inner lining. The bag is available in an ultra chic grey shade or a highly versatile black color. After purchasing and using a backpack purse you’ll really start to understand just how truly underrated they are. Backpacks are the no fuss accessory of the future!

You can purchase this backpack from the Mango site directly. It’s currently priced at $49.99, making it an amazing fashion buy that you’ll be using time and time again throughout the summer months.


  1. Jenell Racanelli says:

    I adore this bag :))

  2. katie says:

    i like the color

  3. Ashley Dolph says:

    I shouldn’t even be shopping but I can’t resist
    This backpack is way too cute

  4. emma sanchez says:

    wow…….love this!!!

  5. Tamra J. says:

    i like how simple the design is
    it’ll match up w everything

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