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Street Style

Fashion blogger, Gala Gonzalez, of Amlul is looking extraordinarily chic in this simple yet casual everyday outfit. This fashion diva knows what she’s talking about when it comes to fashion so its no surprise her outfit is looking absolutely incredible. Seen photographed below, Gala kept it simple by wearing a white loosely fitted racerback tank tucked into her navy skirt. This skirt is extremely cute as it reaches above the ankle and is extremely flowy.

The belt that appears on the skirt accentuates Gala Gonzalez’s petite waist perfectly as the skirt continues to emphasize her figure. She kept her shoes comfy as she chose a pair of clear strapped heels with a tan wood heel making the shoe visible. When it comes to accessories Gala chose to pair her look with a taupe handbag that helps the look keep its subtle, comfy feel. On her wrist she is wearing a gold watch and her sunglasses resembled those of John Lennon’s as she strolled casually throughout her day.

This look is the epitome of feeling comfy while looking chic and trendy as well. The look seen on Gala Gonzalez looks well dressed but at the same time comes off as so effortlessly put together. An ensemble like this is something you must have throughout your wardrobe. Pair any of your old tanks, or turn your old used tee shirts into one, and get yourself to the nearest Forever 21 or H&M and grab yourself a gorgeous colored skirt like the one seen on Gala for the perfectly casual chic look.

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  1. michelle says:

    i can recreate this look already!!! i have the perfect tank & skirt ^.^

  2. Leah says:

    love this style <3 it's amazing 😀 so casual yet classy

  3. rochelle says:

    very cool look 🙂 and so simple to mimic

  4. Catherine says:

    luv how effortless the style looks. i hate wasting hrs getting ready so this looks so easy :))))

  5. becky says:

    great look, very chic

  6. Hailee says:

    This look was really inspiring…looooovvvveeeee ittttt <3 it would be great for a brunch with my besties

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