Stay Cozy In This Adorable Animal Colorblock Sweatshirt

Sometimes, cold weather can bring out the lazy tendencies in all of us. Waking up in the morning to temperatures in the teens and twenties can make even the best of us want to crawl back into our beds. While wearing a set of pajamas to the office isn’t yet considered appropriate attire, there are ways to feel cozy and comfy while heading out. One of the most basic winter staples that every fashionista should own is a comfortable sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are the ultimate winter ‘lazy’ tops, as they combine all of the comfort of loungewear while appearing incredibly stylish on the outside.

If you’re an animal lover at heart who can’t stand to leave their pets in the morning, then you’re going to love this Topshop Animal Colorblock Sweatshirt. This adorable sweatshirt features a contrasting animal print design against a cream and black color background. The soft jersey sweatshirt will have you feeling as though you never stepped out of your pajamas. Pair the sweatshirt up with a stylish pair of black jeggings in order to keep up with the monochromatic theme. You’ll feel brave and bold in this leopard print design as you sink into the comfort of the soft jersey sweatshirt.

You can purchase this cozy sweatshirt from Topshop’s online site for $52, making it a real bargain piece. So stay comfy in this bold sweatshirt andĀ forget about compromising your comfort for the sake of looking good.

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