Halloween Vampire Look

Halloween Vampire Look

Halloween is tomorrow kiddies – you know what that means? It’s time to be prepared for the nighttime for scavenging goodies and treats while walking amongst the ghoulish of characters! While many of us still get a childhood kick out of still dressing up for Halloween, some of us aren’t willing to go into full-blown costume mode. If you’re looking for a way to look expertly stylish for Halloween without donning an actual costume then we’ve got the look for you!

A little black dress look is the perfect staple piece for your Halloween night. Not only is black classy and chic, but it can also be terrifyingly creepy! Grab your own little black dress, whether it be an A-line skirt style, or a midi-lenghth skirt, it doesn’t matter. Next you’ll want to purchase a pair of Vampire fangs, because you’re going to be a sultry little Vamp for Halloween! Pair up your fangs with some dark burgundy lipstick that will have you looking like a real queen of the Vampires.

No Vampire look would be completed without a hot pair of black booties, preferably those of a certain Jeffrey Campbell style! Thrown on your leather jacket over the look and you’ve got all of the creepiness of a vampire without the hassle of an actual costume! The perfect part is that all of these items, besides the fangs, are things you already own in your own wardrobe! Talk about an incredible costume at such a low price!

Enjoy and stay safe!


  1. hannah says:

    awesome idea!!!

  2. miranda says:

    i love that all this look needs is a black dress and some fangs! so simple and chic

  3. jessica says:

    super cute idea!!!!!!

  4. cassie says:

    this idea is PERFECTION!!! luvvv <3333

  5. dana says:

    damnnn i’ll be a hot vamp 4 halloween this year 😉

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