Embrace Your Inner Diva With These Bold Cat Eye Sunglasses

With the summer season at its peak right now, it’s especially important for us to protect ourselves from the sun. One of the easiest ways to do so is to get us a chic pair of sunglasses to rock all summer long. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory piece for any fashion-loving girl. What makes sunglasses so amazing is that they are a practical and actually useful accessory. Unlike most other jewelry that serves no real purpose except to look pretty, sunglasses actually have a purpose as they shield our eyes from the sun and keep us from continuously squinting.

One of the hottest summer sunglass trends happens to be the cat eye look. A gorgeous pair of sunnies that would be perfect for this summer season is the Spitfire Apex. These sunglasses are for the fashionistas out there who are bold and brazen with their outfit choices. These sunnies are definitely an out there choice and will bring out the absolute best in all of your fashion choices for the summer. The sunglasses feature a metal and acetate frame that is 100% distortion free. The lenses are UVA/UVB safe also, making them a fantastic choice for when the sun is shining down hard. You can get the sunglasses in a variety of three shades: Gold & brown/maroon, gold & brown/brown, gold & black/gold mirror.

The sunglasses are priced at a highly affordable $39 on the Spitfire website. So rock the hottest sunglass trend for this summer and be extra bold for the season.


  1. Kathline Escudero says:

    i dig it

  2. yevette delong says:

    cute ­čÖé

  3. alessandra dietrick says:

    i need these!!!

  4. suellen bruso says:

    these r my new fav

  5. ethelene claybrook says:


  6. margy mireles says:

    beautiful sunglasses

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