Embrace The ‘It’ Color Of The Summer In These Stunning Sandals

There have been rumors flying around that yellow could be the ‘it’ color of the summer. Resonating with everything that summer stands for, such as the sun, sunflowers, and more, making the color yellow the most trending color of the season seems to make a lot of sense. Not to mention, the color is a unique one all on its own, as not many clothing options seem to present themselves in a yellow shade. If you’re dying to get in on this yellow trend for the summer, then we’ve got an awesome accessory that will help you begin your yellow colored closet expansion.

TheĀ Brother Vellies Saffron Solt Sandal are a gorgeous pair of suede golden shoes. These stunning beauties feature bovine leather insoles, a band across the toes, and a covered block heel. A rubber grip on the bottom of the heels helps provide you with an ample amount of traction as you run around town in these babies! Our favorite part about these sandals is that they are made from byproduct materials, with the leather being sourced directly from farmers in Kenya and South Africa. These sandals are the perfect everyday shoe option that will bring a unique shade of color into all of your looks. You can purchase the sandals from the Need Supply site for a hefty $375.

Rock the summer heat waves in style as you take part in one of the trendiest summer colors of the year.


  1. joanna davis says:

    ugh i want these as my summer sandals

  2. nikki dunnigan says:

    i love these šŸ™‚

  3. Ashley P. says:

    I rly need to go summer shoe shopping

  4. angie says:

    so cute

  5. Isabela Parsons says:

    i would love to wear these on a sunny beach somewhere ^.^

  6. priscilla perez says:

    i adore the color of these sandals

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