Discounted Ostwald Helgason Mini Skirt

Mini Skirt

Retail therapy, it’s like a heaven sent blessing from above. Nothing can quite take the stress away like buying those new pairs of shoes or slipping into a new outfit in the H&M fitting room. Shopping addicts and fashionista’s galore know that style and fashion are more than just picking out the perfect outfit – it’s a lifestyle. However, that lifestyle can cost us all a pretty penny if the right measures aren’t taken. That is why every fashionista knows the next most important rule in staying stylish – shopping all the sales! Why pay full price when you can pay half?!

This week we found the most perfect designer skirt on sale that we could not resist showing you guys! I mean, c’mon, it’s perfect for a winter birthday party or any sort of formal occasion if paired up right. This Ostwald Helgason Printed Flared Mini Skirt was once priced at $560, but now is only $392!! The price drop is unbelievable while the detailing on the skirt is far too beautiful to pass up. The skirt features a sheer trim bottom, cinched waist, and the most gorgeous abstract colored design we have seen yet. The skirt is available for purchase at StyleBop.

Although the price may still be considered a bit of a splurge, the skirt is just too beautiful not to mention, especially after such a huge price drop! You can pair this skirt up with so many different outfits that it would be a shame to miss out on this statement making skirt in your wardrobe!


  1. janet lippmann says:

    very beautiful skirt 🙂

  2. mina rising says:

    this would be perfect 4 a dinner party!!

  3. Ivana Altom says:

    geez, this skirt is crazy pricey tho :/

  4. malka says:

    loving the design 🙂

  5. carol lee says:

    obsessedddd w this skirt

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