Denim Jackets Back In Style

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are making a comeback from the 80’s into 2014 and we couldn’t be more excited! This stylish jacket has always been a favorite piece of ours from the 80’s and we are extremely glad it seems to be coming back. Celebrities from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian are all pulling this new trend off amazingly. Denim jackets come in a variety of different trends, sizes, and colors.

One of our favorites is the oversized light washed denim jacket. As seen in the photo below/above, this look is stylish and effortless. The crop top is a plain black and white stripes top, bearing the perfect amount of midriff. The skirt is a high-waisted skater skirt in al black with a suede look. What really pulled the outfit together is the large light washed denim jacket worn on top. The sleeves had been rolled up for a more laidback vibe and the outfit in itself is just brilliant.

A denim jacket like this one can be found at Forever 21 for an extremely affordable price and it will definitely be worth it. Wear your oversized denim jacket with a pair of liquid style disco pants and a vibrant yellow crop top for a more spring look and a throwback to the 80’s. Not only will this outfit look effortless but also extremely trendy and chic. Denim jackets are perfect for spring weather as the cold weather is transitioning into heat and is perfect for those chilly summer nights!


  1. janet says:

    love the look 🙂

  2. Melanie says:

    I’m going out tonight on a date and I think I’ll rock a denim jacket with a crop top!!!

  3. may says:

    o m g …. too amazing!

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