Combination Outfits: Perfect for the Day or Night!

Combination Outfits

Gorgeous looks that stand out amongst the crowd are the ones we love to find! Nothing screams individuality and creative care like a fashionable outfit that just works! Seen in the photo above is a model who has got the bohemian look figured out to the nine. The model is wearing a simple black dress with a beautifully patterned, oversized cardigan. The sheer brilliance of the outfit comes into effect when you take into consideration that a look like this is perfect for a casual day out or a nighttime look! Combination outfits are perfect – especially when you don’t have time to change into something a bit fancier later on in the day.

With the oversized patterned cardigan, with shades of orange and black present making it perfect for fall, the black dress is simplified, making it more appropriate to wear during the daytime. Since the dress is classier look, if you intend on staying in the outfit until nighttime, just take off the cardigan once you are inside a restaurant or party and don a perfectly classy little black cocktail dress!

The excellent pairing of accessorizes must be duly noted as well. The gorgeous plum shaded clutch meshes perfectly with the orange colors of the cardigan, presenting a gorgeous combination of fall appropriate colors. The tights and black ankle booties with large feathered earrings keep the outfit super chic and weather considerate! A little black dress like the model’s can be purchased at H&M, while a beautiful patterned fall cardigan is definitely available at Forever 21!

Shop there now and create your perfect rendition of this fabulous look!

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