Check Out The Hottest Selling Trend At ASOS

When it comes to finding just about any sort of fashion trend or clothing piece, we know that we can always count on ASOS to supply the goods. No matter what sort of trend we’re looking to imitate, ASOS is usually a one-stop shop for many of us. Since ASOS is such a huge online retailer, we decided to look into one of the most popular pieces available on the site. Believe it or not, it seems that bodysuits have been selling out like crazy – with the ASOS design director taking huge notice of that.

“Body[suit] sales have been performing really well globally, and we are having success across all colors (white to orange), fabric bases (ribs to mesh), styling (casual to super sexy), and all sizes,” Vanessa Spence, the womenswear design director of ASOS, told Refinery 29.

“This is definitely a trend that we can see continuing into next season…there was still a massive catwalk presence at the fall ’16 shows and new ways to reinvent them. We have exciting new fabrics, details, and prints that we are experimenting with for fall/winter, but will also sell the classic bodies which have always been so popular,” she said.

A super popular bodysuit happens to be a nude colored bodysuit from Free People. The Move Along Bodysuit is perfect to wear on its own with a pair of shorts or distressed jeans, or you can even rock it as a layering piece in the fall season. The bodysuit is available for $30.


  1. johanna lindgren says:

    i’ve been obsessing over this trend

  2. Lana Keener says:

    loooove this trend ^.^

  3. clara hornbeck says:

    def picking up this bodysuit piece for myself
    i have the perfect skirt to pair it up with

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