A Wedding Guest Dress You Can Actually Wear More Than Once

While being invited to a summer wedding may bring about an original feeling of hype, figuring out what to wear and how much money you’re willing to dish on it can quickly take away from the happiness of the moment. Since weddings are about as formal as it gets, getting all dressed up is a real necessity. However, shelling out a bunch of cash on a dress that you’re really only going to wear once can be really devastating. If you still want to be able to wear your expensive dress to more than one occasion, you’re going to need a versatile dress that is proper enough for a wedding yet stunning enough to wear again and again.

The Reformation Cera Dress in the Sunland print is the perfect dress for your summer wedding plans. The dress features a beautiful straight fit design with a straight neckline, along with adjustable straps and an open back. The Sunland print is a beautiful light blue shade with a white imprinted floral design. The entire dress has a lightweight drapey feel that will have you feeling like an ethereal fairy. You’ll feel more than happy to throw the well-deserved money on this dress knowing that you’ll be able to wear it for more than one occasion.

If you’re just as smitten by the dress as we are, then check out The Reformation site where the dress is currently priced at $218 – a big summer splurge, but certainly worth it to turn heads at your big event!


  1. Anette Wenzl says:

    That dress is beautiful

  2. rebecca rochford says:

    i am loving the print

  3. dawn h. says:

    i am definitely gonna get this for the wedding that i was invited to in July
    this dress is too perfect!!

  4. candice says:

    ahhhh i love it

  5. joan schimmel says:

    this dress is exactly what i had in mind for the summer wedding that i was invited to
    idk if i’ll be going yet, but i will certainly be keeping this dress in mind 🙂

  6. Donna says:

    so chic

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