A Highly Sought After Trend Combination You Won’t Want To Miss

There is nothing more awesome than finding Internet clothing items for under $100! Scoping out affordable fashion items is a job that we live for, as it brings us much joy to bring cool looks at awesome deals. Not every girl is able to throw out hundreds of dollars on fashion finds that she might only wear a few times. With that mantra in mind, while indulging in a bit of online shopping, we came across a fabulous winter buy that you won’t want to miss out on. A warm and fabulous coat is an essential for the winter, only as seemingly important as winter boots. So this season, rock a gorgeous coat that won’t cause you to go into financial distress!

Everyone is well aware that long wool coats and khaki colors have been incredibly trendy this season. So, what happens when you combine the two? You get a coat that is riddled with perfection. The Missguided Brushed Wool Coat in Khaki is a gorgeous trend done right! The coat offers incredibly soft, brushed wool fabric along with pockets on the front. The khaki shade is gorgeous and will match every winter inspired outfit you may come across. The coat is also incredibly versatile, as you can wear it to work during the day and still keep it on for a night out with the girls! In the end, this wool khaki coat is what winter dreams are made of.

You can purchase the coat off the Missguided site for only $76.50 – a style steal if you ask us!


  1. kaylee w. says:

    what a gorgeous coat

  2. rebecca heidler says:

    wow this coat look like its worth way more than it is priced for
    love fashion finds like these ^.^

  3. elise says:

    def gonna go purchase this

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